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Grinding Wheels, Grinding Discs, Bench Grinding Wheels

As the name implies, grinding wheels and discs are used for both removal of surface material and surface finishing or improvement. Comprising mineral or ceramic abrasive grits mixed with clays or bauxites, they are moulded and cured in kilns and are therefore extremely resistant to wear. Additionally in the ‘hand programme’ these products are impregnated with reinforcement glass fibre and resins to create an extremely aggressive and durable abrasive tool.







Grinding wheels and discs are manufactured to very precise standards. Their intricate composition means that poorly made products can shatter when exposed to centrifugal forces and therefore uniformly high manufacturing standards are necessary to ensure safe and effective products. Finishing Aids offers grinding discs and wheels of the finest quality and tolerance to ensure customer satisfaction and above all safety; the range is extensive and covers a wide scale of sizes and bonds to suit a wealth of applications.

For further information on applications or availability of grinding wheels and discs or bench grinding wheels, or to request a quotation and samples, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our professional team via the contact us tab to find out more. The Company’s mission is to offer all customers the best possible quality at the most economic prices.