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Finishing Aids & Tools Limited - Product range

Since its launch in 1955, Finishing Aids has specialised in supplying a full programme of surface finishing abrasive products for a wide range of industries:


Abrasive products and specialised machinery for all aspects of aerospace manufacturing.


Bodywork preparation, cylinder head conversions, general polishing applications.


Grinding, cutting, sanding with a selection of discs and belts. Specialised applications in print-roll production using micro-diamond products.


Specialised packages for food, pharmaceutical & brewery plant and equipment, incorporating machinery and abrasive processes for blending, satinising and mirror-finishing stainless steel.


Machines and abrasives for treatment of all types of iron and aluminium cast products, cutting-off risers, sanding, grinding, internal finishing of cast valves.

Flat Glass

Full range of diamond edging & bevelling wheels, sintered drills & countersinks, bonded polishing wheels, natural & synthetic felts, coated abrasive belts, vitrified dressing blocks, pumice for all semi-automatic and CNC machines.


Specialised finishing products for precious and manufactured jewellery, cutting back of cast gold items, preparation of ring mounts, felt products, rouge.


Mops, compounds for buffing all types of plastics, specialised diamond products including micro-diamond pastes, other applications.

Polishing & Plating

An extensive range of abrasives for all aspects of polishing & plating surface preparation, including mops, compounds & our extensive production programme of abrasive belts at very competitive prices.


All finishing consumables for the artificial limb & joint market to achieve surface readings of 1 micron or less. Specially manufactured items for individual abrasive problems.


Deflashing of rubber door and windscreen mouldings in the automotive industry, keying of rubber surfaces prior to bonding processes and other sundry applications where a free-cutting & non-clogging abrasive is required.


Flexible shaft machines, portable sanding equipment, accessories & abrasives for the monumental stone trade. Grinding lines for artificial, moulded stones in architectural work.

Tool & Die

Specialised machines and abrasives for finishing moulds to very high surface finishing specifications. New range of micro-diamond pastes for controlled working.


Specialised equipment for steam & water turbines based on our range of flexible shaft machines and application-designed toolholders, customised abrasives products for aero-engine turbines (cast or machined) and turbine mounts. Abrasive belts for grinding of cast turbines.


An extensive range of coated abrasive papers and cloths in sheets, belts and discs. Speciality wide belts in paper or cloth for laminated soft wood door calibrating and sizing, sundry abrasive products and machinery for most problems.

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