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Quality Policy Statement

ISO certificate

In supplying finishing aids and tools and associated products, it is the aim of this company to provide products and a level of service which are of consistent quality and which meet the expectations and needs of our customers in line with the arrangements agreed between us.

The quality system which the company operates is designed to meet the requirements of the International Standard BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000. The system is fully documented within the company quality manual.

It is the responsibility of the company to identify resource requirements and provide adequate resources, including the assignment of trained personnel for management, performance of work and verification activities including internal quality audits.

The procedures and instructions which are part of the system must be worked to by all personnel in the company as appropriate for the system to be effective.  No one therefore should deviate from these procedures and instructions without permission.

As Directors, we are responsible for quality policy and have established the Quality Assurance function with responsibility for monitoring the operation of the quality system and for the control of its future development.  Everyone else in the company will be aware that they have their own specific responsibilities within the quality system.

The achievement of effective quality performance depends therefore on team effort within the company and it is expected that everyone involved will contribute to that effort to ensure that we meet the obligations that we have to our customers.
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