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Polishing Machines, Metal Polishing Equipment

Polishing is a fundamental part of the finishing process and determines the functionality of a metal item. Polishing machines with the correct abrasives can improve the aesthetics of a metal surface, remove oxidation or corrosion, achieve a reflective or ‘mirror’ surface and amongst other factors prevent contamination. For this purpose, metal polishing machines can be equipped with different types of abrasives to achieve required levels of finish.

Polishing constitutes the removal of imperfections within the material itself to a surface which can then be buffed with specialist polishing machines up to a mirror finish (if required). Buffing is essentially a less aggressive form of polishing, using ‘mops’ (wheels) of cloth or sisal, as opposed to more aggressive abrasive metal polishing equipment. The processes are frequently utilised in succession and are used in a wide variety of market sectors.

Finishing Aids has specialised in surface finishing equipment and materials since the mid-fifties and offers high quality metal polishing machinery and consumables for use in a broad spectrum of industries. Today, many customers operate in high performance sectors such as aerospace, automotive, engineering and jewellery businesses.

Should you require any type of metal polishing equipment, specifications, technical assistance or quotations, please use the contact us page, where all of the company’s information can be found.

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