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3M Cubitron II® Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel

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3M Cubitron II® Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel

3M Cubitron II® Grinding discs are based on the highly advanced abrasive grain technology introduced with Cubitron II Abrasive Belts , now well established in the market. The new grinding wheels cut faster, last longer and require significantly less pressure than conventional grinding wheels. This results in increased productivity and reduced operator fatigue.

Suitable for heavy weld removal as well as numerous other grinding applications, Cubitron II Bonded Abrasive Grinding Wheels are capable of delivering extremely high cutting rates on an extensive range of metals. They can be used across a wide range of industries, including general metal fabrication, ship building, structural steel, oil and gas, agriculture and construction machinery.

Its cutting edge technology is derived from research intended to rectify the irregularity of conventional ceramic grain, which 'plough' through metal, causing a build-up of heat and resulting in a slower cutting rate. Cubitron II features precisely-shaped, uniformly-sized and vertically-oriented triangles of ceramic abrasive. These self-sharpening triangles fracture as they wear, forming new, super-sharp points and edges, which slice cleanly through metal, - rather than gouging or 'ploughing' - allowing the grinding wheel to stay cooler and last longer. This has the potential to deliver significant advantages in productivity and consistency, as well as longer service life.

An additional benefit is that Cubitron technology substantially reduces the amount of pressure an operator needs to apply compared with traditional grinding wheels made from aluminous and zirconium oxides and ceramic grain.

Cubitron II115mm7.0mm22,23mm
Cubitron II125mm7.0mm22,23mm
Cubitron II150mm7.0mm22,23mm
Cubitron II180mm7.0mm22,23mm
Cubitron II230mm7.0mm22,23mm
High Performance115mm7.0mm22,23mm
High Performance125mm7.0mm22,23mm
High Performance150mm7.0mm22,23mm
High Performance180mm7.0mm22,23mm
High Performance230mm7.0mm22,23mm
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