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Aluminous Oxide Cartridge Rolls

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Aluminous Oxide Cartridge Rolls

Aluminous Oxide Cartridge Rolls
Fine finishing and de-burring of stainless steel tube, valves, and high precision applications.
The following table refers to straight cartridge rolls, tapered cartridge rolls are also available.

Dimensions (mm)Grade(s)Mandrel
3x19x1.860 - 320CRM4
6x25x3.260 - 320CRM4
8x38x3.260 - 320CRM5
10x25x3.260 - 320CRM4
10x38x3.260 - 320CRM4
12x25x3.260 - 320CRM4
12x38x3.260 - 320CRM4
13x25x3.260 - 320CRM4
13x38x3.260 - 320CRM4
19x25x4.860 - 320CRM6
19x38x4.860 - 320CRM6
Pack size Box of 100
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