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Wire Cups Brushes and Wheels

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Wire Cups Brushes and Wheels

Extremely tough brushes and wheels for use on angle grinders. Twist knot pattern gives an aggressive action for fast removal of paint, rust etc. Crimped pattern gives a lighter, less abrasive action.

P10P6mm SpindleEnd Brush
P15P6mm SpindleEnd Brush
P22P6mm SpindleEnd Brush
30x6mm6mm SpindleWheel
50x10mm6mm SpindleWheel
80x10mm6mm SpindleWheel
65mmM14Twist Knot Cup Brush
75mmM14Crimp Wire Cup Brush
105mmM14Twist Knot Cup Brush
100mmM14Crimp Wire Cup Brush
125mmM14Twist Wire Cup Brush
*150mm12.7,16,20,22.2,26Crimp Wire Wheel
*200mm12.7,16,20,22.2,26Crimp Wire Wheel
* For bench grinders
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