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Suhner Satinex Universal Polishing and Graining Machine

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Suhner Satinex Universal Polishing and Graining Machine

Machine features:
* Variable speed machine
* Speeds 1200 to 3700 rpm
* Electronic 1200 watt motor
* Starting current limiter
* Current overload protection
* Tachogenerator
* Right-angle adaptor
* Available in 240v and 110v

Optional pneumatic tyre for use with:
* TZ59 Zirconium Oxide Belts for economical finishing
* 3M 777F Cubitron Belts for grinding and pre-finishing
* 3M Trizact and CF-Trizact for superior performance
* 3M Scotch-Brite for blending and satinising

Abrasive rollers for use with standard machine equipment
* FINAIDS® High quality coated abrasive cloth rollers 100mm dia
* FINAIDS® Random-spun nylon web abrasive rollers 100mm dia
* FINAIDS® Interleaved abrasive satinising rollers 100mm dia
* Ideal for all stainless steel applications

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