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Suhner UTC7-R Portable Tube Polishing Machine

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Suhner UTC7-R Portable Tube Polishing Machine

Polishing stainless steel

The Suhner UTC7-R variable speed tube polisher incorporates a fully insulated 500 watt single phase motor in 110v or 230v models. Speed variation by tacho speed selector ensures constant speed, together with soft-start control for jolt-free work. High power-to-weight ratio minimises operator fatigue. Speed range from 3,000 to 7,000rpm using a wide selection of belts in 30mm x 355mm.
For grinding, satinising, graining, blending and polishing of stainless steel balustrades, railings and tubes, a wide range of abrasive belts and grits, surface conditioning materials and cloth belts with compounds can be utilised to ensure perfectly consistent finishes. Depending on belt selection, an arc of contact up to 180º is possible and the machine is fully protected from thermal overload by an integrated cut-out switch.
The UTC7-R can also be used with the GSR 65 roller and hook and loop belts at 3,000 rpm for rectification work on existing stainless steel installations. Other applications can take advantage of its variable speed rates, which enables different finishes to be achieved using the same belt but at different speeds.

UTC7-R Machine 240vMachine only 240v
UTC7-R Machine 110vMachine only 110v
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