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TIG Weld Cleaning System

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TIG Weld Cleaning System

The new WELD-BRITE TIGER weld cleaning system represents outstanding value for money based on its performance, versatility and low operational costs.
The cleaning of tungsten inert gas (TIG) welds is now simpler and more environmentally friendly. The WELD-BRITE TIGER uses electrolytic cleaning, passing an electric current through the weld using an acid solution as an electrolyte and then neutralising it using an alkaline spray, before wiping clean leaving the weld clean of burn marks and resistant to corrosion.
The front panel houses connections for paddle and brush and an LED panel for programme selection. A key safety feature is the supervisor code entry for setting working parameters.
The kit comes complete with cabling, paddle, brush and a starting set of consumables, and is available in 100 and 240-volt.
Although the WELD-BRITE TIGER is intended for use on stainless steel further development continues and models for non-ferrous metals are anticipated in the near future.

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