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Sanding Discs, Sanding Belts, Sanding Sheets

Sanding discs, sheets and belts - frequently referred to under the umbrella term ‘sandpaper’ - are common tools used to blend surfaces from a coarse to a finer finish.

Finishing Aids has been supplying sanding sheets, discs and belts to a broad assortment of industries since the mid-fifties and supplies customers in the aerospace, automotive, engineering, jewellery, glass processing and woodworking sectors with tools and products of the highest quality.

Sanding machines vary from simple hand-held orbital sanders using paper discs with Velcro backing through to wider pad sanders using paper and cloth belts from 100mm to 150mm width and lengths up to 16.7 metres and then finally to wide belt sanders using sizes such as 1400x2620mm. The workpiece to be finished will determine the exact type of sanding discs or belt machines required, but the production team at Finishing Aids are able to meet any and all demands.

For further information on applications or availability of sanding belts, discs or sheets, or to request a quotation and samples, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our professional team. Our state-of-the-art production plant can quickly and accurately manufacture whatever might be required, so contact us to find out more.